15 Best time management activities for teachers

time management activities for teachers

If you are in teaching profession, looking for time management activities for teachers? then your search ends here.

In this post, I have listed down the best activities a teacher can do to manage their time well. I have shared some of the best strategies used by educators for managing time. Let’s read now.

Key Takeaway: Top time management activities for teachers are setting wrist watch to school time, advance lesson planning, doing important tasks first, improving writing speed, learning computer shortcuts, using marking codes, peer marking technique, stopping holistically grading papers, take help from students, going early to the institution, organizing paperwork, scheduling weekly, monthly, and a yearly plan, bring limited workload to home, keeping log of parents contacts , and setting some personal time.

Top time management exercises for teachers

Below you will find top activities on teacher time management which I have collected from real teachers. These activities are highly efficient in improving the productivity.

Below I have summarized all the activities in a table form for saving your time.

Teacher Time Management ActivityBenefit
Wrist watch set to school time.Tracking time.
Advance lesson planning.Saves from last minute preparations.
Important tasks first.Improves productivity.
Typing speed activity.Helps in making tasks faster.
Learning computer shortcuts.Speed up tedious time consuming tasks.
Using marking codes.Speed up the evaluation process.
Peer marking help.Collaborative working.
Stop holistically grading papers.Speed grading.
Take help from students.Helps saving time for important tasks.
Go 30 minutes early.Provides time to complete work backlogs.
Organize the paperwork.Decluttering and fast action.
Scheduling weekly, monthly, and a yearly plan.Helps setting up a roadmap, which saves time.
Not bringing too much workload to home.To learn working in limited time.
Log of parents contacts.Easy communication.
Set aside me time.Clear mind, gains focus.

1. Have a wrist watch set to school time

The first activity I am listing here for you is setting your wrist watch to school/college time. Most of use wear wrist watches. But having a wrist watch set to educational institution time can help in many ways.

First it will help in keeping track of the time, second you will be able to plan your day according to the school time.

2. Advance lesson planning

The job of a teacher is to educate. It is done by giving lessons an various topics and subjects. Planning lessons to teach next day can be a very helpful strategy. To save your time you can plan your lessons beforehand to avoid rush.

3. Important tasks first

A teacher has to perform various duties during the school. From taking classes, managing students, giving grades, etc. a lot of work is involved during the day. This all requires time and sometimes it is felt that some activities could have been done later.

To avoid such waste of time, differentiate and evaluate your tasks. Prioritize and do tasks first which you feel are important and requires urgent attention.

4. Improve typing/writing speed

A teacher requires to type and write so on laptops and computers for work. Slow typing speed can take so much of your time. To have more time with you, you an practice writing fast.

This physics teacher on reddit speaks about the advantage of good typing speed for managing time.

typing speed time management activity for teachers

5. Learn computer shortcuts

In this tech savvyy world it is very important to be updated and learned. In todays education system, computer plays a very important role. From creating assignments, projects, giving lessons, etc. computers and laptops have become essential part of our work culture.

To use computer as a productivity tool it is equally important to learn about some time saving computer techniques. There are various shortcuts and commands in the computer operating systems. These shortcuts can help in taking action fast.

Learning about those commands and shortcuts can come very handy anytime.

6. Use marking codes

To save time you can use marking codes while evaluating papers. These codes will save you from writing long feedbacks and will be helpful.

A history and politics teacher describes how he/she uses this marking code activity for time management. Below is the screenshot of the post.

marking codes teacher time saving exercise

7. Take help of peer marking

Peer/self marking can help you a lot in time management. This Physics teacher is explaining the advantage it has for saving time.

peer marking teacher time activity

8. Stop holistically grading papers

This is something which can be a great time saver for you. Teachers one more job is evaluate and grade the test/exam papers. This requires attention and a long sitting.

To boost your productivity, you can use this activity. This activity is figuring about your learning target purpose and then grading.

This is an activity which is used by teachers all over the world. This English teacher on reddit explained it beautifully how he/she uses it.

purpose grading time activity for educators

9. Take help from students

Teachers spend most of their time with students. So isn’t it good if the students can help in managing some of your tasks? This user explain how he take help from his/her students for minor tasks.

In the below screenshot see how this teacher takes help from students for better time management.

taking students help time activity for teachers

10. Go 30 mins early to the institution

Going early to the educational institution is also a great time management activity for teachers. There are various tasks which are needed to be done in the school time. By reaching early to the school you can complete tasks like signing notebooks, grading, preparing the projects, etc.

11. Organize the paperwork

Organizing things is a great time management exercise for educators. Organizing helps in decluttering of things and bringing productivity.

For a teacher, organizing paperwork is very important. If your papers will be organized, you will take less time to search for the right paper and eventually saving the time.

12. Schedule weekly, monthly and a yearly plan

It is well known fact that things which are done according to a plan, takes less time to complete.

Preparing a weekly, monthly , and a yearly plan will help to give a direction to you. You will not feel like less on time.

13. Don’t bring too much workload to home

It is a general habit of teachers to bring some paperwork, assignments, etc. to home to complete. This is not a wrong thing!

But bringing too much can be. So set a time limit like I will work for 2 hours on school work and after the time is over I will leave it.

Setting a time limit will improve your focus and attention.

See how this teacher sends time on school work after school.

limiting workload for home teacher time exercise

14. Keep a log of parent contacts

A teacher requires to be in touch with student’s parents. They need to be provided with their pal’s performance report, .etc.

Managing parents sometimes become unmanageable and time consuming. To save the time you can use these activities like creating dedicated contact list of parents, an email tab for them, social media group for parents, etc. to make it easy for communicating with parents.

A high school teacher, talks about this technique on a reddit post.

parents log time saving exercise for teachers

15. Set aside me time

This is one of the most important teachers time management activity on this list. A teacher is most of the time involved with students, their parents, or home. They do not save time for themselves.

Having a personal me time for self is very important activity for improving the overall productivity as a teacher. If you will be energetic, relaxed, your productivity will automatically improve.


Teachers are asset for any nation. They helps in building a society which is educated and resourceful. Sometimes life of teachers become very stressful because of so much work load.

Using time management teachers can prioritize their tasks and be productive. These time management activities listed above for teachers will surely help you in managing your time well.

For more time management activities on various topics, you can check this page: activities for time management.

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