why is yet so powerful for growth mindset?

why is yet so powerful for growth mindset

Are you someone who is interested in knowing about why is yet so powerful for growth mindset? than this is the right place for you.

In this post I have explained using examples why is yet a powerful word for developing a growth mindset. So let’s read the post.

What kind of word is yet?

Before looking at the actual answer of the question the first important thing to know is about the nature of the word Yet.

Cambridge University defines Yet as an adverb. This word “YET” is used to refer a time period which has started in the past and is not completed in the present time.

It is used with affirmative sentences to describe that a work started is still in progress and not completed.

What does Dweck mean by the power of yet?

Carol Dweck while giving a TED talk has talked about the power of Yet. In the talk she gives example of a school in Chicago where students are being graded for a graduate exam. For giving grades the school was using a very different approach.

If a student has passed the exam than he/she is graded as passed whereas if they did not pass they are graded as “Not Yet”. This is done to prevent them from feeling discouraged. By using this word the students will not feel like they are nothing instead they will take it as something.

She says that by giving the grade “Not Yet” the students can understand that they are on a learning curve. It gives them a path to the future.

How can the word yet transform your mindset?

As we saw from the above example given by Carol Dweck that this word helps a person to change fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

This single word brings great confidence in the person using it. Using the word YET, the person do not spend too much time pondering on the result but use it as a reward for the process.

If the work is incomplete than he/she can use this opportunity to learn about the shortcomings, change strategies if needed, take it as a challenge, and work more on the task.

Why is the word yet important? conclusion

So this was the post to learn about why is the word yet so powerful for growth mindset. We found out through examples that by using this word a person is able to bring a positive change in his/her mindset.

The word generates a sense of confidence in the person. The person can than acknowledge that the process is still incomplete and I need to work more on it to accomplish the goal.

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