What Are The Characteristics Of A Growth Mindset Person

characteristics of growth mindset in person

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Hey, welcome to this page. In the previous post we looked at what does growth mindset mean. In this post we are going to look at what are the characteristics of a growth mindset person. We will look at the different traits which a person possess while having growth mindset.

Characteristics Of A Growth Mindset Person

1 – Open Minded

The first characteristic of a growth mindset person is he/she is open minded. They take up criticism in a positive way and improve by that. A person with growth mindset will be open to new ideas, thoughts. They will always be receptive to consider new ideas and opinions from others.

2 – Self -Disciplined

Self-discipline is an important trait of growth mindset persons. You will find persons with growth mindset following self-discipline. They will have a proper system of time and management for every thing they do. They are not lazy and do work on time. They are committed to their goals and follow a proper routine.

3 – Believe in themselves/Self-belief

A growth mindset person is strong self-believer. He/She believe in gut feeling. He/she is sure that whenever a tough situation will arise then they will overcome them with self determination. They learn from these challenges and introspect what went wrong and improve afterward.

4 – Take calculated risks

Risk taking ability is one which separates them from others. Growth mindset persons are calculated risk takers. They first assess the situation, check for possible risk, make a proper strategy according to it and then move forward for their considering risk in mind. This is their quality which helps them grow in whatever field they work in life. They accept that failure can happen but taking risk is important.

5 – Positive Thoughts Surrounds them

A growth mindset person is always filled with optimism and high thinking attribute. They never thinks in a negative way. They always try to find positive points even when in a negative situation. You can find them taking tough challenges with smile on their face. This trait of positivity helps them grow and find success in whatever they do.

6 – Accept Challenges

Growth mindset persons are fond of challenges. As you have seen in above points they are risk takers, open minded, that’s why they are ready for challenges. They never turn their back from hard/tough situations and embrace every new challenge with a mission to improve themselves. With every new challenge they do and complete, they comes out more stronger and confident.

7 – Learning is Fun

Yes, that’s there mantra for success. A person with growth mindset is always ready to learn something new . They knew that without learning they can’t improve. That’s why they take up new skills and excel in them.

8 – Take ownership

Growth mindset persons take ownership of whatever they do. They don’t blame others when things don’t work right. This is a very important trait of them as after taking ownership they do assessment of what went wrong and then make changes to the work.

9 – Help and Support others

They are always ready to help and give support to their peers, family and friends. They never hesitate to help when someone need help. They love to help people. They are always in mood to help others. In this way they also gain the support of others.

10 – Live in present moment

Growth mindset persons don’t like to dwell in the past. They love to live in the present moment. They don’t think of past since they know nothing can be done of the past. They take help from the past and make their future more bright. They realize the importance of present moment and try to utilize it to fullest.

11 – Resilience High

Growth mindset persons are high on resilience. Nothing happens in just one day. Strong goals takes time. They know that nothing happens overnight. So they are committed to give their hundred percent for achieving the goal.


This was the post on What Are The Characteristics Of A Growth Mindset Person. I hope you liked it. If you have some of or all of these characteristics then it means you have growth mindset.

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